Today saw a \’next gen\’ reveal for Warframe on PS5, the free-to-play smash that\’s been ever-evolving since its 2013 launch. As you can see it looks very shiny, boasts improved load times, and by now is basically the game that Anthem wants to be when it grows up.

Though there\’s no release date for this version of Warframe the game\’s director, Steve Sinclair, then pointed out that PC players basically already have it: we just need to dial things up.

If you play on PC right now you can enable Enhanced rendering, dial all the stuff up, contact shadows and get this same tech. On PS5 this runs at 60fps. We hover around 4k native output though we do scale resolution sometimes to keep 60 as a priority.November 5, 2020

Warframe is one of those games that has carved out a unique path, and it says everything that Sony is trumpeting the arrival of a seven year-old F2P game on its new system. But there\’s something undeniably amusing about a flashy reveal where the upshot is, basically, it\’s the PC version with maxed-out sliders.


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