The next season of Tekken 7 begins this month. Players who bought the season pass will get access to new character Kunimitsu, also available as DLC 16. The fox-masked ninja is apparently the daughter of the original Kunimitsu from Tekken 2, although since she won\’t be added to the story mode it\’s much of a muchness. 

Season 4 also includes new stage Vermilion Gates, and a Pac-Man event tying into his 40th anniversary—though sadly they\’re not actually adding him as a playable character. Instead a Pac-Man stage will be available for a limited time, and owners of the season pass can also get themed cosmetics. There\’s a t-shirt, a customization set, and plushies of Pac-Man and the ghosts that sort of float behind your chosen fighter. Somebody\’s bound to be into it, I guess.

Players who don\’t have the season pass will still benefit from the other changes coming with Season 4. An online play enhancement will apparently improve response time and the rollback/netcode, and an indicator will mark players on wi-fi. New moves are being added for everyone as part of a \”major balance overhaul\”, the UI (including health bars) is getting a revamp, and a new top rank called \”Tekken God Omega\” as well as a Tekken Prowess score will give the best players even more to show off.

Season 4 begins on November 10.


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