Announced back in August, Orwell\’s Animal Farm is a game adaptation of the classic 1945 novella. Since we\’re living in Orwellian times, so say the pundits, it\’s fitting that the game will release just before 2020 finally ends: December 10, to be exact.

Developed by Reigns studio Nerial (which also has Card Shark in the works), the game apparently plays around with the source material: while you\’ll encounter \”familiar characters and situations\” from the novel, the 2020 context will throw a spanner in the works. The Steam page says that some situations in the game are influenced by \”events Orwell never lived to see.\” I don\’t think they mean Doom being playable on a piano, either.

It\’s a narrative-driven game, but there\’s some management aspects. You\’ll be in charge of assigning tasks, choosing laws and honing Animalist propaganda. It boasts gorgeous hand-drawn art and features the writing on Emily Short.

Orwell\’s Animal Farm now has a Steam page, if you want to wishlist it.


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