Blasting someone out of an airlock is slightly more horrific when they\’re not a pudgy little cartoon man. In fact, every side of Among Us\’ cutesy murder mystery takes on far more of an edge in this live-action fan film.

Produced by German filmmakers Jay & Arya, the Among Us short film wisely focuses on the best part of the game—a small crew, trapped in a room, trying to work out which of their number is a brain-guzzling monster. Minus a short, Alien-esque slasher intro, the short rightly zooms in on this spaceborne courtroom intrigue as the crew whittle their numbers down one by one.

The writers definitely know their stuff, too. While the drama\’s been heightened and they\’ve had a go at fleshing out the world with their own lore, half the script could\’ve come straight out of any round with my mates. The matter-of-fact alibis, near-baseless accusations, and the absolute panic in an innocent crewmate\’s voice when faced with fraudulent evidence they can\’t quite dismiss. 

All that\’s missing is a lobby of screaming ghosts every time they jettison the wrong person.

Our own Tyler Wilde\’s had a shot at building out Among Us\’ lore, of course. Reckon he might take umbrage at the film\’s actors not being 3\’6\”. Maybe that\’ll be corrected in a sequel, one sure to be set in Among Us\’ upcoming Stickmin-themed map. 


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