Recently, Fall Guys developer Mediatonic released some gameplay footage for a new level called Knight Fever. With the game\’s medieval-themed Season 2 on the way in just a couple of days, this teaser for things to come whet plenty of appetites, including ours here at PC Gamer.

Not the type to be content with just one source of hype when they could have many, Mediatonic then took to the popular Fall Guys Twitter account to share some more juicy details of what to expect in the forthcoming update.

First up came the announcement (slightly ahead of the gameplay footage, as it happens) that, due to popular fan request, costume randomisation would be added in Season 2.

Our Discord community requested the ability to randomise your costume…So we\’ve just straight up added it into Season 2😎👌You can vote on Community Suggestions here: 4, 2020

The suggestion came courtesy of the Fall Guys Discord server, where fans are invited to vote on community suggestions in order to influence the ongoing development of the game.

And speaking of community suggestions, we haven\’t even talked about Thicc Bonkus yet. 5, 2020

In the same spirit as the Big Yeetus hammer which was added via an update late in Season 1, Thicc Bonkus is a spiked pendulum designed to level the playing field a bit (maybe literally) by sweeping in and knocking your jelly bean off its feet—and possibly right out of the competition—if you\’re not careful about timing yourself to avoid it.

Though we already knew that Season 2 would feature a spiked roller, the reveal of its moniker is sure to raise a few eyebrows. Allegedly named by the Fall Guys community rather than the developers, there\’s nothing particularly unwholesome about Thicc Bonkus, and yet all the same I can\’t help but hope that my parents aren\’t reading this article. Like the rest of the new content, this Boaty McBoatface of Fall Guys features will be added to the game with the new season update on October 8th.


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