Keeping pace with Modern Warfare\’s successful year of free content, Activision has revealed Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War\’s Season 1 roadmap. Season 1 is kicking off December 10, less than a month after the game\’s launch, and will bring new weapons, maps, game modes, and a mysterious \”Warzone experience\”.

Check out the full roadmap below.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War Season 1 roadmap


(Image credit: Activision)

Those familiar with the past year of Modern Warfare/Warzone seasonal updates will recognize the scale of content here. Curiously, Cold War\’s roadmap is far less specific than Modern Warfare\’s. We know there will be new weapons, but it doesn\’t come out and say what they\’ll be. The rifle in the image that resembles the Groza is likely one of them, but it\’s unclear if the Striker shotgun Adler is carrying is a post-launch gun or already in the game (it\’s not even out yet, after all).

We also don\’t know much about the new Zombies mode or maps, but it is exciting to see Modern Warfare\’s excellent 2v2 Gunfight mode confirmed for Cold War. And of course, it wouldn\’t be a Black Ops game without a Nuketown. This time, it\’s Nuketown \’84. By the looks of it, it may be a more dilapidated, blown-out version of the classic map that\’s been sitting around for a few decades.

Then there\’s the \”Classified Warzone Experience,\” which means what exactly? If we\’re talking about a limited-time mode like the recently-wrapped Haunting of Verdansk, then this is a very strange way to label it. Season 1 will mark the unification of progression across not only Cold War and Warzone, but Modern Warfare as well. Don\’t be surprised when your rank is reset back to 1.

As a big fan of Modern Warfare\’s gameplay and weapon feel, I\’m keen to see how Cold War\’s post-launch weapons will freshen things up. I hope they swing for the fences like Infinity Ward did with wacky weapons like the FiNN ChainSAW.


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