If you\’ve knocked out a few hundred runs of Hades, maybe you\’d like to try out Curse of the Dead Gods? It\’s an action-roguelike with a very Darkest Dungeon or Hellboy-esque art style relying on heavy use of shadows, and it\’s definitely the first of the inevitable crop of games inspired by the excellent Hades. It\’s about a brave (read: barking mad) tomb explorer who delves deep into terrible places in search of unlimited power/eternal life/riches/etc. 

The Armory Update is Curse\’s latest, and it adds a couple new weapons and a new way to interact with all the weird weapons you can find down in the temple. All the weapons are now collected into a single place—an armory—for easy reference. You can also now choose a weapon before setting out into the temples. Further, the game now has throwing weapons and whips to go delving with. Thrown weapons are vicious mid-range brawling choices for a main weapon, while whips are a secondary weapon that can either keep enemies at a distance or drag them close for a vicious finisher. This adds to the various heavy two-handers, swords, maces, spears, claws, pistols, shields, daggers, and bows already littered around to find. Curse of the Dead Gods has two more updates planned before its release out of Early Access in 2021. 

Curse of the Dead Gods is available on Steam for $18, or $12 until November 2nd. You can read the full text of the Armory Update on Steam. 


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